How many Local DHCP Servers can be created on IAP ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba Access Points running Aruba InstantOS version or higher


Virtual Controller (VC) acts as both the DHCP Server and the default gateway for the SSID's whose VLANs have the Local DHCP Server created on the VC.

The Virtual Controller assigns an IP address from a local subnet and forwards traffic to both corporate and non-corporate destinations. The network address is translated appropriately and the packet is forwarded through the IPSec tunnel or through the uplink. This DHCP assignment mode is used for the NAT forwarding mode.

But there is a limitation on how many Local DHCP Servers can be created on a Virtual Controller. Only a total of 6 (six) can be created. This is implemented to control the number of active wireless users on VC, as it acts as a default gateway natting the user traffic.

To create a Local DHCP Server, Point the cursor to "More" option in top-right corner of WebUI and select "DHCP Server"

Below screenshots shows the CLI and GUI of an IAP with 6 (six) Local DHCP servers created:





rtaImage 1.jpg

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