How to Integrating an IAP with an XML API interface

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Aruba Employee

The XML API interface provides options to create and execute user management operations seamlessly on behalf of the clients or users.

The XML API interface allows users to send specific XML commands to an IAP from an external server. These XML commands can be used to customize IAP client entries. You can use the XML API interface to add, delete, authenticate, query, or blacklist a user or a client.

Users can now use HTTP or HTTPS to post commands to IAP. The communication process using the XML API Interface is as follows:
  • An API command is issued in XML format from the Server to the Virtual Controller.
  • The Virtual Controller processes the XML request and identifies where the client is and sends the command to the correct slave IAP.
  • Once the operation is completed, Virtual Controller sends the XML response to the XML server.
  • Users can use the response and take appropriate action that suit their requirements. The response from the controller is returned using predefined formats.


  • The user authentication is supported only for users authenticated by Captive Portal authentication and not for the dot1x-authentication users. 
  • The user add operation performed by the XML API interface is only used to modify the role of an existing user and not to create a new user.



Configuring an IAP for XML API integration:
We can configure an IAP for XML API integration using the Instant UI or CLI.
In the Instant UI
1. Click More > Services. The Services window is displayed.
2. Click Network Integration.
3. Enter the IP address of the XML API Server.
4. Enter the Passphrase required to authenticate and access the XML API Server.
5. Re-enter the Passphrase in the Retype box.
6. Click OK.

In the CLI
To enable XML API integration with the IAP:
(Instant AP)(config)# xml-api-server
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# ip <ip-address>
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# key <shared-key>
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# no <delete-command>
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# end
(Instant AP)# commit apply
The following command configures the XML API Server details on an IAP:
(Instant AP)(config)# xml-api-server
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# ip
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# key123
(Instant AP)(xml-api-server)# end
(Instant AP)# commit apply
show xml-api-server config  --> This command displays the XML API server configuration details.

show xml-api-server
ip :
key :user1234
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