How to change the name of an ESSID for a network on an IAP?

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How to change the name of an ESSID for a network on an IAP?


In older IAP codes, the name of the ssid-profile used to remain as the ESSID as well.
However, starting from code, we can change the name of the ESSID as per our requirement.


We can change the name of an ESSID by clicking on Edit on the Network Name --> show advanced options --> change the ESSID name


Then Click on Next till the wizard completes.


IAP (config) # wlan ssid-profile <ssid-profile-name>
IAP (SSID Profile "<ssid-profile-name>") # essid <ESSID-NAME>
IAP (SSID Profile "<ssid-profile-name>") # exit
IAP (config) # exit
IAP# wr me
Save configuration.
IAP# commit apply 
committing configuration...
configuration committed.


Check the below commands:-

IAP# show  network

Profile Name  ESSID      Clients  Type      Band  Authentication Method  Key Management  IP Assignment  Status   Zone  Coding   Active
------------  -----      -------  ----      ----  ---------------------  --------------  -------------  ------   ----  ------   ------
test-profile  test-ssid  0        employee  all   None                   WPA2-AES        Default VLAN   Enabled  -     Default  Yes

IAP# show  ap bss-table 

Aruba AP BSS Table
bss                ess        port  ip             phy    type  ch/EIRP/max-EIRP  cur-cl  ap name            in-t(s)  tot-t
---                ---        ----  --             ---    ----  ----------------  ------  -------            -------  -----
40:e3:d6:1b:f4:80  test-ssid  ?/?  g-HT   ap    11/20/20          0       IAP  0        11s
40:e3:d6:1b:f4:90  test-ssid  ?/?  a-VHT  ap    149E/23/23        0       IAP  0        11s

Channel followed by "*" indicates channel selected due to unsupported configured channel.
"Spectrum" followed by "^" indicates Local Spectrum Override in effect.

Num APs:2
Num Associations:0
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