How to check the commands pushed from Central to IAP

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How to check the commands pushed from Central to IAP?


Aruba Central is widely gaining popularity and is now being used to manage IAP and Aruba Switches primarily.

With the ability to manage IAP's, it becomes a central point of contact for pushing configurations.

How can we verify what all configurations have been pushed to IAP from Central?

Below is an example of the same.


1> Login to central and I have created a new mgmt-user named "ArubaView"


2> Once created click on "Save Settings".

3> Login to IAP using SSH/Console/Telnet and use the below commands:


18:64:72:c6:d7:28# show ap debug cloud-server

IAP mgmt mode              :athena-mgmt
Aruba Central server
Aruba Central Protocol     :HTTPS
Aruba Central status       :success

18:64:72:c6:d7:28# show ap debug airwave-config-received
mgmt-user ArubaView dacbf64a59dd0e52a07991cd6dd83d86b5ecc1945be95fee read-only: OK

18:64:72:c6:d7:28# show log ap-debug 100 | in ArubaView
Sep 22 10:35:36  awc[2579]: Message over SSL from, SSL_read() returned 309, errstr=Success, Message is "HTTP/1.1 200 OK^M Server: nginx/1.4.7^M Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 10:35:36 GMT^M Content-Type: text/plain^M Content-Length: 61^M Connection: keep-alive^M X-Session-Id: 4c8267a0-1c72-43db-8067-8065827a54db^M X-Status-Code: success^M X-Command: delta-config^M ^M  mgmt-user ArubaView aruba123 read-only", AWC response: (null)


18:64:72:c6:d7:28# show running-config no-encrypt | include mgmt-user
mgmt-user aruba aruba123
mgmt-user ArubaView aruba123 read-only


Similarly, the above commands can be ran to verify and confirm if the config is getting pushed or not from Central and if IAP has any trouble executing those commands.


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