How to configure ACL on uplink port of IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This allows configuration of ACL rules on Uplink ports of an IAP.


  • The ACL rules defined on uplink port of an IAP are applied for the whole cluster.

Environment : This is a base feature available in any IOS firmware version. This feature is not specific to any environment and applicable to any Instant Access Point.


rtaImage (4).png


1. Goto -> More -> Wired as shown below


rtaImage (5).png


2. Click on "New" under "Wired Networks" to create a new port profile.


rtaImage (6).png


3. Create profile name as required and for the option "Uplink", drop down and change it to "Enabled" as highlighted below.


rtaImage (7).png



4. Navigate to "Access" and create ACL rules as required.




5. Once created, MAP the newly created port profile under "Network assignments" to the port "0/0" as shown below and click "OK" to save changes.


rtaImage (1).png


The configured rules would allow access only to Web based applications(80 and 443) for every clients in the cluster.


Executing below command should help us verify if the changes has been applied or not,


rtaImage (2).png




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