How to configure BLE on Instant?


How to configure BLE on Instant?


Starting from, we can configure BLE operation modes and enable the BLE beacon management feature using the Instant UI or CLI.

The BLE beacon management and BLE operation mode feature is supported only on IAP-324/325, IAP-214/215, IAP-224/225, and IAP-205H devices. 


In the Instant UI


1. Click More --> Services. The Services window is displayed.
2. Click the RTLS tab. The tab details are displayed.
3. To manage the BLE devices using BMC, select Manage BLE Beacons.
4. Enter the authorization token. The authorization token is a text string of 1-255 characters used by the BLE devices in the HTTPS header when communicating with the BMC. 
   This token is unique for each deployment.
5. In Endpoint URL, enter the URL of the server to which the BLE sends monitoring data.
6. Select any of the following options from Operation Mode drop-down list:

7. Click OK.



In the CLI

To enable BLE beacon management:
           (host)(config)# ble config <token> <url>
           (host)(config)# end
           (host)# commit apply

To configure a BLE operation mode:
          (host)(config)# ble mode <opmode>
          (host)(config)# end
          (host)# commit apply


To view the BLE configuration details:
         (host)# show ble-config
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