How to configure IAP as a DHCP relay agent?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
This feature enhances Centralized L2 mode. When configured, Broadcast DHCP Discover from client is intercepted and Option 82 is added to it .
•Currently Alcatel is the only pre-defined Option 82 format.
•VC or slave adds option-82 to let DHCP server know about the client so that it can assign a valid unique IP address.
•This feature enables customer to control client IP address of each branch in centralized manner. The DHCP server should be in the client’s broadcast domain

 •When configured, Broadcast DHCP Discover from client is not sent to the corporate network, but VC acts as a DHCP relay and sends to the configured server.

•VC relays each broadcast packet as unicast to a corporate DHCP server with its physical interface IP address as SIP.
•In flat topology, if Per -AP - Tunnel is enabled, DHCP Discover packet will get relayed to the DHCP server with SIP as Slave AP's physical interface IP.
Enable DHCP Relay and DHCP server IP given on the box below will have it configured.
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