How to configure L3 mobility in IAP?

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Aruba Employee

Configuring a mobility domain

To configure a mobility domain, you have to specify the list of all Instant networks that form the mobility

domain. In order to allow clients to roam seamlessly among all the APs, specify the Virtual Controller IP for

each foreign subnet. You may include the local Instant/ VC IP address, so that the same configuration can be

used across all Instant networks in the mobility domain. Best practice is to configure all client subnets in

the mobility domain so that:

  •  If the client is from the local subnet, it is determined to be a local client as soon as it starts using the IP

address and L3 roaming is aborted.

  • If the client is from a foreign subnet, it is determined to be a foreign client as soon as it starts using the IP

address and L3 roaming is immediately set up.

Perform the following steps to configure a mobility domain:

1. Click the Settings link at the upper right corner of the Instant WebUI.

2. Click the Show advanced options link and then click L3 Mobility.

3. Click New in the Virtual Controller


rtaImage (1).jpg

4. Repeat Step 3 to add the IP addresses of all Virtual Controllers that form the L3 mobility domain.

5. Click New in the Subnets section and specify the following:

a. Enter the client subnet in the IP address text box.

b. Enter the mask in the Subnet mask text box.

c. Enter the VLAN ID in the home network in the VLAN ID text box.

d. Enter the home VC IP address for this subnet in the Virtual Controller IP text box.

6. Click OK.

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