How to configure Time Based Services in IAP

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How To configure Time Based Services in IAP ?


Starting with Instant,
Users can configure time range profiles using the IAP UI and CLI. 
These Time Range Profiles can be enabled on an IAP to allow or deny access to an SSID only during a specific period of time.


Configuration and Commands:


1. Configuring Time Range Profile:
time-range <profile-name> <absolute/periodic> {<start> / <startday/daily/weekday/weekend>}  <starttime> to <endtime> 

Note: Start time and end time should be configured in hh:mm format

Absolute: When requirement is to set range for just one time, starting from <mm/dd/yyyy> <hh mm> to <mm/dd/yyyy> <hh mm> 
Periodic: When requirement is to set time range everyday or regular intervals.

Periodic: time-range time periodic daily 14:39 to 14:50
Absolute: time-range test absolute start 01/30/2016 01:00 end 01/31/2016 01:00

NOTE: While configuring Absolute the END option after start time doesn't show in HELP(?)

2.After configuring the above, we would have to map it to the SSID profile:
wlan ssid-profile <ssid-name>
 time-range time <Enable/Disable/Not Applied>
Enable:  To enable the time range for certain defined period.
Disable: To disable the time range for certain defined period.
Not Applied: To remove the time range that's not required for a particular SSID.

1. Configuring Time Range Profile:
System -> Advanced options -> Time Based Services - New

2. Mapping to SSID profile
SSID name -> Edit -> Show Advanced options -> Time Profile -> Time Profile Range -> <Enable/Disable/Not Applied>


Useful Commands:

IAP215# show time-profile

Time Range SSID Profile
Time Profile Name  SSID profile Name  Enable/Disable
-----------------  -----------------  --------------
time               Panic              Disable
new                Tech               Disable

IAP215# show time-range

Current Time     :2016-01-29 15:20:00
Time Range Summary
Profile Name  Type      Start Day   Start Time  End Day     End Time  Valid
------------  ----      ---------   ----------  -------     --------  -----
time          Periodic  daily       14:39       -           14:50     Yes
new           Periodic  daily       03:04       -           05:04     No
test          Absolute  01/30/2016  01:00       01/31/2016  01:00     No

Option VALID in "show time-range" will point 'YES' if the time range profile is currently in use , and 'NO' for the remaining hours.

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Do you know if we can define and apply time ranges from Airwave 8.2.3 with Instant GUI enabled ?

I cannot find a way to do this.


Hi Matthieu,

Yes, we can configure it on Airwave. I checked it on Airwave version with IAP 4.3.1. We should be able to see this option on Airwave from IAP firmware code 4.2.1 and greater. Below is a screen shot for your reference.





Hi Vishnu,


Thanks. I did it last Friday. IAP's firmware was 4.1.X. I did an upgrade to 4.2, then the Time Range features appear on Airwave 8.2.2 Instant GUI.




Can I use to feature for guest access. I want to give time based access to guest. Eg. for some guests 4 hour and others may couple of days after which the guests should not be able to access ?

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