How to configure ethernet downlink on Instant AP when uplink is Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points.


When the uplink is Wi-Fi or Cellular, administartor can configure the ethernet ports of Instant AP as downlink towards wired network. Once configured, one or multiple wired devices can use IAP as access layer switch and also DHCP server.

Following two configurations are required:

1. Create and assign a wired port profile to the downlink ethernet port.
2. Create a local DHCP server.

I. Follow the below steps to create an assign a wired port profile:

1. From the IAP web interface, click on "More" in the main menu and select "Wired".
2. Click on "New" button to create a new wired profile.
3. Enter the settings as shown below and click "Next".




NOTE: If you are connecting a device that needs power from IAP to power-on (for example: IP camera), then select enable "POE" as Enable.

4. Select mode as "Access" and mention the Access VLAN.


rtaImage (1).jpg


NOTE: If you have a DHCP on the network, then you can mention "Client IP Assignment" as network assigned and the respective access vlan. If no DHCP server, then have it "Virtual Controller Assigned" so that IAP can provide IP addresses to wired clients.

5. If you would have the wired client authenticated and control access to certain application and protocols, then configure it on "Authentication" and "Access" tab. If not, Click "Next" till Finish.

6.  Now that the profile is created assign it to the Ethernet Port E1:
rtaImage (2).jpg
II. No,  follow these steps for DHCP server configuration:

1. From the IAP main menu, click on "System"
2. On the System dialogue box, click on "Show Advanced Options" at the bottom.
3. Click on DHCP tab and configure as below:
rtaImage (3).jpg
In order to test, try connecting a clinet to E1 port of an IAP. The client should get IP address with in 192.168.30.x range and should be able to go online if the Wi-Fi and 3G/4G are UP and connected.
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