How to configure managed-mode in Instant.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This applies to all Instant models running OS and above.


Managed-mode is a feature similar to Airwave/Central through which Instant fetches the configuration from a server hosting the config file.

In scenarios where Airwave/Central is not available this feature can be used. In this setup, we have a server hosting the Instant's configuration file. IAP talks to the server via FTP/FTPs and fetches the configuration and applies it.
GoAnywhere is a server that can be used for this purpose.

Below is a brief description of how it works:

Instant uses FTP or FTPS to contact the server and update its configuration. The configuration file is stored in ".cfg" format on the server.
Before the IAP can contact with the server, we need to manually configure the "managed-mode" server details along with NTP server address. Once done these units then can be shipped to the final install locations. Then, the AP at boot up will contact the server and fetch the remaining configuration and apply it.
The configuration can be changed at any time and based on the managed-mode config, IAP will contact the server at the specified interval of time and update configuration if required. IAP doesn't reboot while applying the configuration, but will reboot under below 2 circumstances:

  • config includes ap-specific changes like changing ip address parameters.
  • if the newly received config file is incomplete, then IAP will reboot and come up with earlier configuration.

Below is the configuration snapshot:

(Instant Access Point) (config) # managed-mode-profile
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # automatic
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # config-filename instant.cfg
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # server <ipaddress/fqdn>
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # download-method <ftps/ftp>
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # sync-time day 00 hour 03 min 30 window 02
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # retry-poll-period 10
(Instant Access Point) (managed-mode-profile) # end
(Instant Access Point) # commit apply

Note: The above configuration steps are available through CLI only.

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