How to configure static subnet allocation at branches IAP-VPN deployment?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains a new feature introduced in IAP OS version where we can assign static subnets to the branch offices in an IAP-VPN deployment for Distributed DHCP allocations. The Aruba Controller terminating the IAP VPN should be running on OS version or above. Controllers running any older version do not support this enhancement.


 Let us consider a scenario to understand the need for static subnet allocation -

We already have a branch that is up and the devices have received IP address from the global pool and there are a few new branches that are coming up. In case we want the existing branch to retain the same old subnet, we can configure that branch subnet as static subnet while the new branches will be assigned different subnets automatically using BID (Branch ID) allocation algorithm. Also, we can configure another Distributed DHCP scope and allocate static subnets to the new branches as well.


Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum OS version of and Aruba Controller running a minimum OS version of



  1. Navigate to “more” and click “DHCP Server”.

rtaImage (3).png


2. Create a new Distributed DHCP scope and mentioned the static subnet as shown below.


rtaImage (4).png


Please note, we can create 4 discontinuous IP address ranges for static subnet allocation by clicking the + sign after the IP address range.




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