How to disable IAP communicating Activate

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By Default Aruba Instant access points will be contacting Activate server irrespective if access points are manged via Activate to provision them in Central / Airwave.



Starting from Aruba instant, we have ability to stop Aruba instant access points contacting activate.



Below commands will help to disable IAP contacting activate,

9c:8c:d8:c9:39:52# configure 

We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to take effect.

9c:8c:d8:c9:39:52 (config) # activate-disable 

Once we enable this knob, IAP's will be no longer manged in Aruba central also we can't provision any rules in activate.


9c:8c:d8:c9:39:52 (config) # no activate-disable   -------------> To enable the activate service again.



9c:8c:d8:c9:39:52# show activate 

IAP MAC Address          :9c:8c:d8:c9:39:52

IAP Serial Number        :CNH7KD5517

Cloud Activation Key     :FFGO8E1C

Activate Server

Activate Status          :admin-disabled-by-cli .      -----> to verify if activate status is disabled

Last provision time      :2019-04-05 10:02:03

Provision interval       :0 minute

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