How to enforce an member Instant AP as a master in the cluster?

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Introduction :


Master election is automatic process and IAP's select one of them as Virtual Controller. Certain times, due to this election a far end Instant AP would be selected as master and the traffic flow between merber IAPs and the VC (Virtual Controller) do not get balanced on the wired closet.

Also, when the cluster is mixed with different IAP models, a lower capable AP might become the master leaving others to work as members in the cluster.

In such cases, wlan administrator can enforce a particular Instant AP to act as a Master.



Feature Notes :


  • This feature is available on Instant APs with InstantOS version and above.
  • Instant AP on which "Preferred Master" is enabled, need to be restarted.

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points running on InstantOS version and above.


Configuration Steps :


Following are the images taken from Instant web interface to configure a particular IAP (IAP-142 in this example) as preferred master:
  1. Login to Instant web interface
  2. From the list of access points, select the IAP and click on "Edit"

User-added image

3. Click on "General" tab and change "Preferred Master" as enable from the drop-down.

User-added image

4. IAP would prompt to reboot. Click OK. (NOTE: IAP would not reboot when you click OK)

User-added image

5. To selectively reboot the IAP, click on "Maintenance" in the main menu of the web interface.

User-added image



6.  Select the IAP from the list and click on "Reboot selected Access Point"

User-added image

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