How to filter command output in an Instant AP command line?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction- Generally, when troubleshooting from IAP command line, we tend to use filters to truncate the command output.  In this process, the output does not display the column headers and thereby it becomes difficult to co-relate the values. It would be easy if the command output show up along with the column headers.

Feature Notes- 

  • More easy to co-relate  the command output and its related values, when the column headers are shown.

Environment- This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Points.

Network Topology- Instant APs in a cluster.

Configuration Steps- Below example, shows two images, one that shows a command output without the column headers, and other with  the column headers.


rtaImage (1).jpg

NOTE:  The additional filter that we use should be a part of the available column header.


  • This is used to know the header of the field in case if we use any filter for commands which will be hidden basically.


  • This method of filtering the command output can be used for any command that are being executed in Instant CLI.


  • This is used for troubleshooting purposes when we need to filter for a specific field or keyword.
  • Execute the command using filter as well as the keyword that is part of the column header.


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