How to find the number of scanning rejects on IAP due to voice traffic.


How to find the number of scanning rejects on IAP due to voice traffic?


The Voice Aware scanning feature prevents an IAP supporting an active voice call from scanning for other channels in the RF spectrum and allows an IAP to resume scanning when there are no active voice calls. This significantly improves the voice quality when a call is in progress and simultaneously delivers the automated RF management functions. By default, this feature is enabled. The command "show aps scanning" can be used to find the counters for scan rejection. 


IAP# show aps scanning

AP Scanning Stats


Name          IP Address    2.4 Reqs  2.4 Voice Rejs  2.4 Video Rejs  5.0 Reqs  5.0 Voice Rejs  5.0 Video Rejs

----          ----------    --------  --------------  --------------  --------  --------------  --------------

IAP  3016      0               0               2983      0               0



2.4/5 Voice  Rejs : Displays the counters that indicate the number of scanning rejects due to voice traffic.

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