How to provision a Branch Controller through Activate server


A branch office controller can pull whole configuration only from the master. Hence it is required to provision the controller to get the master controller IP along with the Country code.

Lack-of on-site IT support is a big challenge in deployments of remote sites, ZTP makes the deployment of branch office controllers plug-n-play.

Factory state branch office controllers will be able to learn all the required info from the network and provision itself automatically in the Auto provisioning mode.

With auto provisioning mode the controller gets its IP & gateway from DHCP server, master IP & regulatory domain from Activate Server. ( in case if option 43 is not configured ).



  • Controller Gets IP address, gateway and DNS server IP from a local DHCP server.
  • If option 43 is not configured (If Controller don't get option 43 value), Device will send DNS query with “”


  • If DNS is properly configured, device will resolve the IP address of activate server and establishes HTTPS connection with the Activate Server (

  • In Activate server , we should create a folder along with a provisioning rule
  • In provisioning rule, we should specify Master controller IP and Country code
  • We should add the Branch office Controller in the group where the provisioning rule mapped.


  • When Branch office controller contact Activate, it will match the MAC address with a folder and execute the respective provisioning rule and thus Activate Server provides the branch controller activation key and provisioning info including master IP, country code and branch-config-group name.



To verify, whether device is provisioned successfully or not, we can login to Activate server and click on the desired device and it should show the status as "Provisioned" as shown in the following snapshot.

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