How to quickly setup IAP-175 Instant Mesh network ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This articles applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points (IAP's) running Aruba InstantOS or later.

Setting up IAP mesh network is quick and easy. Below-mentioned steps and screenshots would guide on setting up a mesh network:

  • Connect all IAP's to switch (preferably  PoE switch) with already existing DHCP server on the VLAN. 


  •  IAP's get IP address from DHCP and elects Virtual Controller among them which starts broadcasting "Instant" SSID


  •  Connect a PC to Instant SSID and from the browser window navigate to ""


  •  Default Username and password would be:  admin / admin

rtaImage (19).jpg



5. Create a new network-assigned wpa-2 personal SSID with ‘unrestricted’ access rules with any any permit for basic connectivity.


rtaImage (20).jpg



  • Disconnect PC from "Instant" SSID and connect to newly created SSID.
  • Login to Instant WebUI once again
  • All the IAP's will show on the  Virtual Controller as shown below:

rtaImage (21).jpg



  • Now, disconnect the IAPs that you want to deploy as Mesh Points from the switch/router (no wired link on the Ethernet interface) and place these at the desired location. 
  • Let the currently elected Virtual Controller (VC)  be wired and it would be come Mesh Portal.
  • The instant APs without wired connectivity restarts and joins the VC as mesh point 


  • Make sure you have only one VC heard over the Air, for the Mesh Points to connect. This simple means that there shouldn't be an other VC in different subnet broadcasting the same SSID. If the AP’s see more than one instant network, it will not form a mesh to either portals.


  • Mesh Point to Mesh Portal is limited to a maximum of two hops.


  • Each portal can have up to a maximum of 8 children.


  • Wired-to-Wireless Bridging is not supported on IAP-175



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