I have not received welcome email from Aruba Central. How can I request an another one?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Once the user account is created, Aruba Central would send an welcome email to end-user to activate the account. If incase, the end-user has not received the email, may be because it made into Junk or Spam folders, then we can request an other copy of the email from Central database.



Please make a note of the below points, before using this method:


  • The email address mentioned while placing the order is correct and customer might say that the welcome email is not received as it might have gone into junk or spam folders. Then enter the same email address here and click on re-send the welcome email.


  • You cannot mention a new email address here, as Aruba Central searches its database before sending the email. If customer is asking to re-direct the welcome email to a new email address then this option cannot be used.

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Central.


Network Topology : Instant Access Points connected to network and being managed by Aruba Central.


Below steps guide to re-send the welcome email:

1. Click here:   https://portal.central.arubanetworks.com

2.  At the login prompt, click on the "Need help?"  link as shows below:




3.  Select "Resend Welcome email" and enter the email address that was provided while placing a central order.


rtaImage (1).jpg



4. Aruba Central would search in the database and if it finds the email address, then it would re-send the welcome email.

5. Once the email address is sent, we should see the following message:


rtaImage (2).jpg



The recipient should see one see email in the Inbox. If you do not find the email then have a look into Span/Junk Folders. If there is any rule set in the email client then it might be getting processed accordingly.

Below is a sample welcome email. Follow the instructions to register the email account:


rtaImage (3).jpg




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