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Are you someone who is comfortable with AOS Command Line but not so much with IAP CLI? If yes, then look no further than this article to get going with IAP CLI.


The article is divided into 2 sections: a) Most Common AOS Commands and their equivalent in IAP world b) key IAP specific commands. The article’s content has been developed using AOS and Instant OS If you are running an older version, you may find some command missing.



Aruba – Instant CLI mapping


In this section, we would look at the most commonly used ArubaOS commands and their Instant equivalent. As you go through the list, you would notice some of the commands are the same in both CLI while others are of slightly different format.


Aruba OS

Instant OS

show aaa auth-survivability (BoC )

show auth-survivability time-out

show aaa auth-survivability-cache (BoC)

show auth-survivability cached-info

show aaa authentication captive-potal <profile name>

show external-captive-portal /show captive-portal

show aaa authentication-server ldap <name>

show ldap-servers

show aaa authentication-server radius <name>

show radius-servers

show aaa authentication-server radius statistics

show ap debug radius-statistics

show aaa authentication-server tacacs <name>

show tacacs-servers

show aaa derivation-rules user / show aaa derivation-rules server-group

show derivation-rules

show airgroup cache entries

show airgroup cache entries

show airgroup cppm-server aaa

show airgroup cppm server

show airgroup servers verbose

show airgroup servers verbose

show airgroup status

show airgroup status

show airgroup users verbose

show airgroup users verbose

show airgroupservice

show airgroupservice

show ap arm client-match history client-mac <client-mac>

show ap client-match-history client-mac <mac>

show ap arm client-match neighbors ap-name

show ap client-view

show ap arm client-match probe-report ap-name

show ap client-probe-report

show ap arm client-match restriction-table ap-name

show ap client-match-refused

show ap arm virtual-beacon-report ap-name

show ap virtual-beacon-report

show ap  packet-capture status ap-name

show pcap

show ap active

show aps

show ap allowed-channels ap-name

show ap allowed-channels

show ap allowed-max-EIRP ap-name

show ap allowed-max-EIRP

show ap arm history ap-name

show ap arm history

show ap arm rf-summary ap-name

show ap arm rf-summary

show ap association ap-name

show ap association

show ap blacklist-clients

show blacklist-clients

show ap bss-table

show cluster bss-table

show ap bss-table ap-name

show ap bss-table

show ap debug  lacp ap-name <name>

show lacp

show ap debug client-table ap-name

show ap debug client-table

show ap debug crash-info

show ap debug crash-info

show ap debug driver-log ap-name

show log driver

show ap debug port status ap-name

show port status

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name>  radio 0 advanced

show ap debug radio-stats 0

show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name>  radio 1 advanced

show ap debug radio-stats 1

show ap debug system-status ap-name <name>

show ap debug system-status

show ap debug system-status ap-name <name> | begin "utput of"

show cpu details

show ap essid

show network

show ap mesh debug counters ap-name <ap name>

show ap mesh counters

show ap remote debug mgmt-frames ap-name

show ap debug mgmt-frames

show ap virtual-beacon-report client-mac <client mac>

show ap virtual-beacon-report client-mac <client mac>

show arp

show arp

show auth-tracebuf

show ap debug auth-trace-buf

show clock

show clock

show country

show country-codes

show cpu

show cpu

show datapath acl id <iD>

show datapath acl <id>

show datapath bridge

show datapath bridge

show datapath nat table

show datapath nat-pool

show datapath rap-stats ap-name

show datapath statistics

show datapath route & show datapath route-cache

show datapath route

show datapath session

show datapath session

show datapath session dpi table

show datapath session dpi verbose

show datapath user

show datapath user

show image version

show image version

show ip dhcp binding

show dhcp-allocation

show ip route

show ip route

show log all

show log debug

show log system

show log system

show logging level

show syslog-level

show mgmt-user

show mgmt-user

show rf arm-profile <profile>

show arm config

show rf dot11a-radio-profile / show rf dot11a-radio-profile <name>

show radio config

show running-config

show running-config

show snmp community, show snmp user-table, show snmp trap-hosts

show snmp-configuration

show snmp trap-queue

show snmp trap-queue

show tech-support

show tech-support

show tech-support user mac <client mac>

show tech-support client <client mac>

show user-table verbose

show clients debug

show version

show version





Key IAP specific Commands


In this section, we cover some key commands that are specific to IAP and a brief description on what scenario the command is used. For detailed explanation of any command, please refer to CLI reference guide available at support site.


Instant CLI Command

Usage Comment

show about

Primarily used to check "Cloud Activation Key" . If not present, check internet connection

show activate status

To check activation connection status.

show ap debug airwave

If IAP communicates to Airwave, shows IAP connection status to Airwave

show ap debug cloud-server

If IAP is Central managed, displays Aruba Central connection status

show ap-env

To check apboot> static parameters

show certs

Displays all available certs

show debug pkt

Diplays what "debug pkt" setting has been done for debugging traffic flow inside AP

show election statistics

Used to debug Master election process in a cluster

show inbound-firewall-rules

Displays whats the inboud traffic coming thru IAP's uplink

show log upgrade

Displays AP image upgrade log

show log vpn

Displays VPN connection log

show summary support

Very useful system level summary of the cluster

show uplink status

Displays uplink status including active uplink and internect reachability

show vpn config

Displays IAP-VPN config

show vpn status

Displays IAP-VPN status


With the commands listed in both sections; an Admin should be able to debug most of the day-to-day issues which he / she would run into.  For more CLI commands, please refer to CLI reference guide that has an exhaustive list of almost all commands with example.

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