IAP Mesh trunk port is unable to carry tagged vlan traffic .

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee


Network topology/ Description
• Mesh Portal and Point are connected to two switches (Controllers acting as a Switch) through a trunk port with native vlan 1 and allowed vlans as vlan 1 and vlan 10. Mesh trunk link is also configured as trunk with allowed vlan 1, 10 and native vlan 1.

Portal end switch -> Mesh Portal - (wifi link) - Mesh Point -> Point end switch

• We have Dhcp configured for vlan 1 and vlan 10 on Portal end switch. IAPs are getting an IP on vlan1 . vlan 10 client when connected to the  switch is able to ping the vlan 10 interface IP address to which it is connected to but not able to ping the other end switch's vlan 10 interface IP or any other clients connected to it.


 VLAN 10's network is as same as Magic vlan because of which we are not able to pass traffic. Once we changed the subnet  we were able to pass traffic.
 ( It is by design that we should not  have the  client vlan same as the magic vlan for the tagged vlan traffic to pass-through)
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