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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question- Why my admin password to IAP CLI doesn't work after adding device to Central?

Environment Information- This feature was tested with Aruba Central 1.28.  Any Aruba Instant deployment managed by Aruba Central.

Symptoms- Administrator unable to login to IAP WebUI or SSH using admin password after adding to Aruba Central.

Cause- As of version 1.28, Aruba Central has introduced password to Group. When an IAP cluster is added to a group, this password would be set as the admin user password for the IAPs in the Group. After adding an IAP to Central, the administrator must use the password which was given as "Group Password" to login to IAP UI / CLI directly.

New Group Creation ::

rtaImage (14).jpg


Group Password Configuration ::

rtaImage (15).jpg


It should be noted that the password checks for common password and doesn't allow them.

Below is an example with admin123 / aruba123 (disallowed passwords)

rtaImage (16).jpg

Resolution- We can validate the password by logging into console access (which wouild need authentication).

rtaImage (17).jpg



rtaImage (18).jpg

If the administrator has forgotten the "Group Password" and isn't able to login to CLI of IAP, we can reset the admin password. under "System Configuration

rtaImage (19).jpg



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