IAP communication with Aruba Central


Does IAP communicates with Central using its physical IP or Virtual IP ?


IAP communicates with Central using its physical IP.

It does not make use of VC IP during communication with Aruba Central.


ac:a3:1e:ca:54:86# show ip interface brief

Interface                   IP Address / IP Netmask            Admin   Protocol

br0                /     up      up=========>> Physical IP of IAP

ac:a3:1e:ca:54:86# show ap debug cloud-server


IAP mgmt mode              :athena-mgmt

cloud config recved        :TRUE

autojoin mode              :disable

Device Cert status         :SUCCESS

Aruba Central server               :   =========>> IP address of Central Server

Aruba Central proxy server         :None

Aruba Central redirect from        :internal.central.arubanetworks.com

Aruba Central Protocol             :WSS

Aruba Central uptimes              :1d:1h:49m:9s

Aruba Central status               :Login_done


Cloud Debug Statistics


Key                        Value

---                        -----

Connect establish success  1(1)

Login done times           1(1)

Connect retry times        1(1)


Cloud Last connect status


Last connect ID        :1

Last connect time      :2017-03-23 21:38:06

Last connect trigger   :athena redirect


Cloud Last login done status


Last connect done      :2017-03-23 21:38:09


ac:a3:1e:ca:54:86# show datapath session | include  ======>> Output showing communication between IAP & Central over HTTPS (port 443) using physical IP     6    62196 443   0    0    0   0   local       17ac C    6    443   62196 0    0    0   0   local       17ac


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