IAPs in a cluster keeps rebooting and it's not stable

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: IAPs in a cluster keeps rebooting and it's not stable


Environment Information: There are thee IAPs in the cluster and all IAPs are connected to the same switch.


AP-1 is configured as preferred master.


Symptoms: AP-1 reboots randomly and AP-2 took over the Master role in that time. Since AP-1 is configured as

Preferred Master, AP-1 takes over the Master role when it comes back up.


This causing the random reboots of IAPs which makes the Network not stable.


Cause: Observed that the IAP uplink is connected to the switch port which has the speed and duplex statically configured to 100 Full.


IAP is negotiated to 100 Half duplex.



Ethernet Duplex/Speed Settings
Autoneg  Speed (Mbps)  Duplex  Iface
-------  ------------  ------  -----
on       100           Half    eth0
on       10            Half    eth1


Resolution: By configuring the switch port speed and duplex settings to auto the IAP uplink port came up with 100 Full and it looks stable.

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