In Aruba Central, how do I bind Instant Access point to a license ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to Aruba Instant or higher versions that are managed by Aruba Central.

Capacity of the installed license states the count of Instant APs that can be managed. Along with the IAP capacity, license also have a start and an expiry date.

Following figure shows an installed license on Aruba Central:



As we can see in the above figure, the license capacity is 100 which means the end-user can manage up to 100 Instant Access Points using Aruba Central.  Users have the flexibility to select the list of devices that are associated with a particular  license.

The following procedure shows how to associate a device to the license:

1. Go to Device Management and select one or more IAPs from the list and click Assign Device(s) at the bottom.




2. Select a license from the list of installed licenses and click Assign.






NOTE: After assigning a device to a license, verify that the device count in column APs USED under Maintenance -> Licenses has increased. An increase in the device count confirms the successful assignment of device to the license.


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