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In certain circumstances, valid AP's in the network might get classified as rogue or interferring.  With the steps mentioned in the article, we can re-classify the IDS state of the AP.


Valid clients connecting to rogue AP will be de-authenticated even though the rouge AP in question is a valid on the network. In such case, re-classifying the rogue AP as valid will avoid clients from getting de-authenticated.


Environment : This applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running InstantOS version 4.0 and above.


Network Topology : Network can consist of Aruba Instant AP's, Aruba Campus AP's and any other Vendor AP.



To do the re-classification the below steps need to be performed:


  • Check the current IDS state of the AP.
  • Once we identify the AP which needs to be re-classified, we need to understand the phy_type and rap_types that are required to do the re-classification.


Below are the config steps:


  • We are reclassifying a Interfering AP as rogue AP
  • 24:de:c6:b9:64:18 is the bssid of the AP with SSID "aruba-ap"
  • The AP "24:de:c6:b9:64:18" is being re-classified as "valid" AP.


  • We need the output of the commands "show ids rap-types" and "show ids phy-types". This command shows the values for the Rf bands(a/b/ag) and the value for the IDS states like valid/interfering/rogue etc.

rtaImage (1).png


  • Below is the command used in the reclassification process.
  • 1 is the "phy_type" and 0 is the "rap_type"
  • 1 = "a" band
  • 0 = "valid"



rtaImage (3).png



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where is the "Below is the command used in the reclassification process."???

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