In the absence of NTP server, how do I manage clock on Instant AP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article applies to all Aruba Instant Access Points running Aruba InstantOS.


NTP is being used to achieve a high accuracy time synchronization for computers and network devices across the network.The protocol supports an accuracy of time down to nanoseconds. However, the maximum achievable accuracy also depends on the operating system and the network performance.

During the boot process, Instant AP checks if the NTP Server is configured, and if it is not then it uses a default date and time. As shown below:
However, in the absence of NTP, one can configure clock on Instant AP individually. As long as the AP is powered-up, the clock keeps functioning. Once the AP reboots due to power failure or user intervention, the clock sets back to default. This is because Instant AP doesn’t have real-time clock to retain the set value.

See the below image to configure the clock on an IAP:

Command format:  "clock set <year> <month>  <day> <hour>  <min> <sec>"
rtaImage (1).jpg
NOTE:  In an Instant cluster, changes done to clock on Virtual Controller (VC) will not be synchronized with other slave IAP's in the cluster.
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