LACP configuration support on IAP

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How to remove or disable LACP configuration on IAP?


In general, IAP supports dynamic LACP by default(220 and 320 series) and there was no way for WLAN administrators to enable or disable it in previous versions. Starting, users can now enable, disable or remove LACP configuration on IAP as needed.


lacp-mode {enable|disable}

lacp-mode enable:

This parameter enables the static LACP    configuration. The IAP will work on LACP mode irrespective of whether or not the peer switch works on the LACP mode.

lacp-mode disable:

This parameter disables LACP functionality. The IAP will not work on LACP mode even it detects any LACP PDUs from the peer switch.


no lacp-mode

Removes static LACP configuration.


Note : LACP configuration is per-ap settings and it is supported only on following IAPs 224, 225, 324 and 325.


Execute "show ap-env" to check the LCAP mode on the IAP


18:64:72:c6:ea:ec# show ap-env
Antenna Type:Internal


To check the LACP status on IAP exeucte "show lacp"


18:64:72:c6:ea:ec# show lacp 

AP LACP GRE Striping IP:
AP LACP Status
Link Status  LACP Rate  Num Ports  Actor Key  Partner Key  Partner MAC
-----------  ---------  ---------  ---------  -----------  -----------
Up           slow       2          17         210          5c:b9:01:23:8b:c0

Slave Interface Status
Slave I/f Name  Permanent MAC Addr  Link Status  Member of LAG  Link Fail Count
--------------  ------------------  -----------  -------------  ---------------
eth0            18:64:72:c6:ea:ec   Up           Yes            0
eth1            18:64:72:c6:ea:ed   UP           Yes            0
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