MAC authentication on guest SSID using internal server without having splash page.


For SSID-type Guest, WLAN administrator to configure only MAC Authentication using internal server without having splash page.



Before 4.2, when WLAN administrator disables splash page, IAP would not provide an option to configure MAC authentication. Hence splash page had to be enabled to make use of MAC authentication even though there was no need for splash page. Starting 4.2, WLAN administrator can have the splash page disabled and still make use of MAC authentication.




Earlier 4.2:

Before disabling Splash page



After disabling Splash page



After 4.2:

MAC authentication shows up even with splash page disabled.





show running-config | begin ssid-profile

wlan ssid-profile Test
 index 2
 type guest                                     ----------> SSID Type is guest
 essid Test
 opmode opensystem
 max-authentication-failures 0
 vlan guest
 auth-server InternalServer
 rf-band all
 captive-portal disable                         ----------> Splash page disabled                    
 mac-authentication                             ----------> MAC authentication enabled.
 mac-authentication-delimiter :
 dtim-period 1
 inactivity-timeout 1000
 broadcast-filter arp
 dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
 local-probe-req-thresh 0
 max-clients-threshold 64
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