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WLAN administrator may wish to restrict the number of association per AP/Radio for better wireless experience or especially for better voice calls.


Starting, Aruba Instant provides us an option to restrict the number of association per AP/Radio. Any further association request above the hard limit will be dropped by the access point(s).


We may have more than one access point in a cluster and hard limit needs to be specificed in each access points as it's a per AP configuration. The hard limit doesn't needs to be uniform across the access points in the cluster and can vary between IAPs. As of today hard limit can be applied only from CLI as Web UI configuration is not support. Web UI configuration may be supported in future release.


Note: Below command has to be executed in privilege mode


Aruba-IAP# a-max-clients 10

Aruba-IAP# g-max-clients 20


As of now there are no "show" command available however configured value can be verified using "get-sysctl" command.


Aruba-IAP# get-sysctl ../dev/wifi0/max_clients
Aruba-IAP# get-sysctl ../dev/wifi1/max_clients
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