Per-ap-setting supported in IAP CLI

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question : can we do per-ap-setting support from IAP CLI?


Environment : Typical Environment of bunch of IAP`s in a Cluster.


Answer :


To change per-ap-setting, go to each IAP and do something like following:
00:24:6c:ca:fd:68 (config) # end
00:24:6c:ca:fd:68# wifi0-mode monitor
00:24:6c:ca:fd:68# wifi1-mode monitor
00:24:6c:ca:fd:68# show ap-env
Antenna Type:Internal
You can also change it from VC GUI, by selecting one AP->edit:


Use case

Typically if customers want to use their familiar management of ping/snmp based for monitoring every single AP. So they tend to assign static IP for each AP. Static IP assignment is easier for them to deal with trouble case to reach APs somehow remotely. They still tend to use console for the setting, which is really time consuming. Customers could also also specify maximum tx-power/channels for all APs or specific APs in some deployments.

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