Recommendations of "Virtual Controller assigned" form of IP assignment in Aruba Instant deployments.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to Aruba Instant Access Point.



“Virtual Controller Assigned” IP assignment is a significant feature of Instant that make the Aruba Instant AP solution is easy to deploy and operate. It is basically recommended to use this feature in the following situations:


  • Where the switch that the Instant AP connects to is a un-managed L2 switch where VLANs cannot be defined.
  • In cases, where you do not want to configure additional VLAN for Guest traffic across all switches.


Also make note of below-mentioned points when this feature is enabled for an SSID:


  • Virtual Controller (VC) always gives away DHCP IP address and is also the gateway (or) default-router to the clients
  • Broadcast and multicast packet from wireless client are not allowed to go through IAP’s Ethernet port
  • Unicast packet from client will go to VC first and then VC will “src-nat” it towards internal or external network.


In most deployments, this feature is used for handling Guest user traffic on the network, so that the underlying wired infrastructure does not need to be modified.

A screenshot of the feature while creating a new WLAN, is shown below:


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