Redirect Blocked HTTPS Websites to a Custom Error Page

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MVP Expert

To redirect WLAN users to a custom list of URLs when they access a blocked Website.



Starting from Instant, you can configure a new rule to redirected blocked https traffic to a custom error page. The URLs configured by this command are used for defining an access rule ("wlan access-rule <rule> dpi-error-page-url") to redirect users to a specific URL when they access a blocked website.



The following example shows how to add a URL:

(Instant AP)(config)# dpi-error-page-url 0
(Instant AP)(config)# end
(Instant AP)# commit apply


  wlan access-rule test 
    index 1
    dpi-error-page-url 0
    https-error-page enable        <<<< enabling this will send https redirect error page



As we can see below, access rule "test" shows HTTPs error is enabled.



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