Steps to upload custom certificates from Central for Aruba Instant


Steps to upload custom ceritficate from Central for Aruba Instant


From Central 2.2.7 we have option to upload custom certificates i.e CA and Server certificates for APs

Steps to upload the certificate 

1: Select the Group for which we need to upload the certificate

2: Select Configuration > Security and click certificate 

3: Under Certificate option we have Certificate store and Certificate Usage

4: Under Certificate store upload the certificates i.e server and CA . Please note passphrase is mandatory 

5: In Certificate Usage map the uploaded certificates depending upon the usage i.e Captive portal, CA , Auth Server, Radsec


Please note : For Captive portal authentication HTTP/HTTPS post URL has to been changed according to the certificate CN name . Currently central does not have option to edit the URL according to custom certificate CN .Customer has to contact support for that change 

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