Unable to restore running-config due to "ERROR: could not save this command, history buffer full".


Unable to restore running configuration on Instant cluster due to error "ERROR: could not save this command, history buffer full".


IAP allows WLAN user to restore running configuration to an earlier point in time if needed. It can be done via Web UI or CLI. If a config backup was taken in past, user will have a file called "instant.cfg" which can be directly uploaded to Instant Web UI under Maintenance ⇒ Configuration ⇒Restore Configuration. This way is very simple to restore.

If a user only has tech-support logs or running-config in form of text file which is huge and exceeding few hundred lines, he wont be able to restore/copy-paste entire running configuration into CLI at once. User will have to enter configuration in parts as IAP CLI has limited history buffer. After entering few or half of the configuration, "commit-apply" needs to be executed before proceeding with the next config part, so that buffer memory will be freed.

In the below example, IAP was throwing "ERROR: history buffer full" error while trying to restore 500 user entires at once. Hence user entries were copied into two parts and executing "commit-apply" each time before pasting another part of the configuration fixed the error.


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