What are the IAP models that supports dot11k?



What are the IAP models that supports dot11k?




Dot11k report is supported only on 1xx series IAP models. 802.11k is not supported for 2xx and 3xx series IAPs.


Note: This doesnot apply to Campus APs


Example: If we execute commands like "show ap dot11k-beacon-report <client-mac>" and "show ap dot11k-stat <client-mac>" on 2xx or 3xx series AP models then no outputs will be displayed. 

(Instant AP)# show ap dot11k-beacon-report 44:00:10:3c:19:23

Client:  44:00:10:3c:19:23
Status: Success
Nbr count: 0
Last recieved: 8m:28s

Client 11k Beacon Report
BSSID  Channel  RSSI  Antenna
-----  -------  ----  -------

(Instant AP)# show ap dot11k-stat 44:00:10:3c:19:23

Beacon Report Requests Sent : 0
Beacon Reports Received : 0
Neighbour Report Requests Received : 0
Neighbour Reports Sent : 0
Neighbour Report Request Errors : 0


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