What are the VLAN derivation methods supported by Instant APs (IAP) in version 3.3 for the wired clients?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum OS version of


Prior to IAP OS version, there was no support for VLAN derivation for wired clients connecting to the IAP. From this version, we support radius attribute vlan derivation for wired clients.

Usually, there are two way of configuring VLAN derivation:

  1. Using vlan derivtion rules:  This sets dynamic Vlan rules.
  2. Using role vlan info:  This sets Vlan ID in user roles.

However, as of, we do not support VLAN derivation using role VLAN info. This feature may be added in future code.



In order to check out the configuration for VLAN derivation on wired clients, please search for “How to configure and verify VLAN derivation for wired clients on Aruba Instant APs (IAP)?”

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