What are the country-code restrictions for Aruba Instant APs?

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Aruba Employee

Environment  :  This article applies to all Aruba Instant platforms and versions.


Aruba Instant APs come in four SKUs:
· IAP-XX-US - Restricted Regulatory Domain - US · IAP-XX-JP - Restricted Regulatory Domain - Japan · IAP-XX-IL - Restricted Regulatory Domain - Israel · IAP-XX-RoW -- Rest of the World (Unrestricted)   APs shipped to US, Japan, and Israel are country-code locked models and they cannot be modified. On an unrestricted AP, the user is prompted to select the Regulatory Domain Country when logging in to UI for the first time. Note that the country list that pops-up will not have the above mentioned three country-codes.
The following operational restrictions apply to IAPs:  

  • An IAP cannot join a swarm of a different country-code. (Example: IAP-XX-US cannot join a swarm comprised of IAP-XX-RoW APs.)
  • When an IAP is converted into an controller-based AP, the controller's regulatory domain should match that of the IAP.

  (Example: IAP-XX-US can be converted and terminated on a Aruba 3400-US Controller, but not on a Aruba 3400 Unrestricted Controller.)

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