What are the management level modes available on AirWave server (AMP) when an Aruba Instant cluster is managed by AirWave? How to verify that IAP is in “Manage Read/Write” mode in AirWave on the IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article explains the management modes available on AMP server when it manages an Instant cluster. There are two management modes on AirWave server:

  1. Monitor only mode:  In this mode, the AMP server only monitors the device. It cannot push any configuration to the devices under any circumstance.
  2. Manage Read/Write mode:  In this mode, AMP has the capability to push configuration to the IAP/controller along with monitoring the device.

Note: From IAP OS version onwards, the IAP WebUI turns into “read-only” if the management mode on the AirWave server is configured as “Manage Read/Write” mode. No configuration changes can be done using the IAP WebUI.  All the configuration has to be pushed into the IAP through the AirWave server.

Prior to, we could use the IAP WebUI to make the configuration changes irrespective of the management mode on the AirWave server.


This article applies to all the IAPs that are managed by AirWave server.



Environment : All the explanation and sample outputs in this article have been tested on IAP 105 running OS version


In order to verify if the IAP is under the “Manage Read/Wrie” mode on the Air Wave server:





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