What are the supported 4G USB modems and how do I configure them as uplink in Aruba Instant ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Instant Access Points now supports the use of 3G/4G USB modems to provide internet backhaul to an Instant network. These modems extend client connectivity to places where an Ethernet uplink is not feasible.


Instant supports the following three types of 3G modems:

True Auto Detect: Modems of this type can be used only in one country and for a specific ISP. The parameters are configured automatically and hence no configuration is necessary (Plug and Play).

Auto-detect + ISP/country: Modems of this type require the user to specify the Country and ISP. The same modem is used for different ISPs with different parameters configured for each of them.

No Auto-detect: Modems of this type are used where the modems share the same Device-ID, Country, and ISP, but need to configure different parameters for each of them. These modems work with Instant provided the correct parameters are configured. All the new auto-detected modems falls under this category as the parameter necessary to automatically configure them are unknown.



Note: The 3G and 4G LTE USB modems can be provisioned on RAP-3 and RAP-108/109.

The following table lists the types of supported 4G modems:


Vendor Model Service Provider   InstantOS Support Comments
Pantech UML290 Verizon Supports Modem Auto-mode
Novatel MC551L Verizon 6.2.00- Supports Modem Auto-mode


Modem Auto-Mode: When a modem is put in auto mode and the network it is currently connected to becomes unavailable for some reason; it will automatically failover to next available network seamlessly. This applies to network switch happening both ways, 3G-to-4G or 4G-to-3G.



Environment : Product and Software: This article applies to RAP-3 and RAP-100 Series Aruba Instant Access points running or later.


This section details on the configuration for 3G/4G modem uplink:



1. Login into Instant WebUI

2. Click on "Settings" from the main menu




3. Click on "Show advance options" at the bottom of the General tab.


rtaImage (1).jpg

4. Click on "Uplink" tab for 3G Uplink settings. For information, Wi-Fi uplink and PPPoE  configuration is also done here.

In the Instant UI, you can view the list of country or ISP in the country and ISP drop-down lists. You can either use the country or ISP to configure the modem, or configure the individual modem parameters manually. If you cannot view the list of country or ISP from the drop-down list, then configure the modem parameters manually.

rtaImage (2).jpg

Note: Country and ISP information will populate only if the InstantOS detects the IAP as USB capable. i.e  The list will populate only for RAP-3 and RAP-100 Series of Instant Access Points.

Status of the 3G/4G uplink can be verified from Support section of Instant GUI:

1. Login into Instant WebUI

2. Click on "Settings" from the main menu.

rtaImage (3).jpg

From the command dropdown, select "AP 3G/4G Status" and Target as AP-Name listed as "Virtual Controller (VC)" and click "Run". 

Below image shows the status when 3G link is down:

rtaImage (4).jpg

Here is the status when 3G connection is active:

rtaImage (5).jpg

ESN Number: Electronic serial numbers (ESNs) were created by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to uniquely identify mobile devices. ESNs are currently mainly used with CDMA phones, compared to International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers used by all GSM phones.

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