What does “Airtime fairness” do and how to configure it through the Aruba Central dashboard?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
This article explains:
  1. Need for Airtime Fairness and
  2. Configuration of Airtime Fairness through Aruba Central dashboard.



Feature Notes  
Airtime Fairness is needed to provide every client with an equal opportunity to utilize the network bandwidth irrespective of client type, capability or operating system.
Following are the three Airtime fairness modes:

  1. Default-access: Airtime Fairness is basically disabled, and clients are entertained based on the requests they make.
  2. Fair-access: Each client gets the same airtime, regardless of client capability and capacity. This option is useful in environments like a training facility or exam hall, where a mix of 802.11a/g, 802.11g, and 802.11n clients need equal to network resources, regardless of their capabilities.
  3. Preferred-access: High-throughput (802.11a/n) clients do not get penalized because of slower 802.11g or 802.11b client transmissions that take more air time due to lower transmit rates. The 802.11a clients get more airtime than 802.11g clients which in turn get more airtime than 802.11b. The ratio is 16:4:1.
This article applies to all the IAPs managed by the Aruba Central dashboard.



  1. Navigate to Configuration and click the Group to which you want the setting to be implemented.
  2. Click RF tab
  3. Under ARM, you find the drop down for Airtime Fairness
  4. Select the desirable mode.


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There are 3 airtime fairness modes can be configured. But I'm confusing about the throughput of 11ac client on Default-access, Fair-access and Preferred-access mode. If there are 3 wireless clients: 11ac, 11n and 11a wireless clients associate with the AP, and transmit the data from LAN PC to the 3 wireless clients.


I have 2 questions:
1. Does the throughput value of 11ac client on 3 airtime fairness mode should be:
Preferred-access > Default-access > Fair-access?

2. When AP has been configured to Fair-access mode, does 3 wireless clients get the same throughput value on Fair-access mode?

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