What is Background Spectrum Monitoring in Aruba Instant APs?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment This article applies to all the IAPs running and Any version prior to these does not have this feature.


This article explains about the background spectrum monitoring feature in IAPs in the release 

IAPs can run as a spectrum monitor in two modes – 
a. Standalone mode 
b. Hybrid mode 

In standalone mode, the IAP becomes a dedicated spectrum monitor. In this mode it will not serve the wireless clients. However, in hybrid mode, the IAP keeps serving the wireless clients while it acts a spectrum monitor in the BACKGROUND. We can convert all IAPs in an Instant network into a hybrid IAP by selecting the “BACKGROUND spectrum Monitoring” option in the Aruba Instant network’s 802.11a and 802.11g radio profiles. 

APs in Access Mode continue to provide normal access service to clients, while providing the additional function of monitoring RF interference. If any IAP in the Instant network does not support the spectrum monitoring feature, that AP continues to function as a standard IAP, rather than a hybrid IAP. By default, the background spectrum monitoring option is disabled. In the hybrid mode, spectrum monitoring is performed only on the home channel.

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Article is partially useful. But it doesn't explain when this feature would be useful, and when it would have negative effects.  What are the advantages of background spectrum monitoring?

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