What is DHCP option and how to configure DHCP option in role derivation ?

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Aruba Employee

DHCP servers are a popular way of configuring clients with basic networking information such as an IP address, a default gateway, network mask, DNS server, etc. Most DHCP servers have the ability to also send a variety of optional information that describes the network configuration and various services that are available on the network. 

DHCP option statements always start with the option keyword, followed by an option name, followed by option data.


  • Aruba InstantOS 3.1 only supports DHCP-option role in enterprise, whereas InstantOS 3.2 release, DHCP-option for Open and PSK SSID.
  • "Show Log User" command from CLI or "AP Log User" command from Instant WebUI -> Support, would help us to capture the unique DHCP fingerprint of a client device.


Below image shows the DHCP-Option OS Fingerprinting Information:



Product and Software: This article applies to  Aruba Instant Access Points (IAP's) running Aruba InstantOS version


To configure a DHCP-option rule profile for a Wireless SSID, follow these steps:


  • Login to Instant WebUI


  • Click on "New" under Networks for creating new wireless network


  • Mention the SSID name and select “Employee” for Primary usage

rtaImage (1).jpg



  • As Security selection "Open" or "Personal" or "Enterprise"

  • InstantOS 3.1 only supports DHCP-option role in Enterprise, whereas InstantOS   3.2 release, DHCP-option for Open, Personal and Enterprise SSID
  • For "Enterprise" security, Role based access rules is allowed only when external authentication server is selected in the configuration.


rtaImage (2).jpg










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