What is Dynamic Multicast Optimization (DMO) and how it is configured on Aruba Instant APs?

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Aruba Employee

This article contains:

a.       Explanation of how IAPs handle multicast optimization prior to and after OS version
b.      Configuration of Dynamic Multicast Optimization  on OS version


Prior to version, IAP supported the optimization of multicast transmissions by using the lowest-common-denominator unicast rate of all associated clients. However, from onwards, IAP support Video Dynamic Multicast Optimization (DMO) that provides automatic multicast-to-unicast traffic conversion on the IAP. Multicast IP frames are transmitted over the air from the IAP to the clients using 802.11 unicast headers dynamically. DMO enhances the quality and reliability of streaming video, while preserving the bandwidth available to non-video clients.



Environment : This article applies to all the IAPs running Any OS version prior to this does not support this feature.



  1. Navigate to New WLAN>WLAN Setting. Click Show advanced options.
  2. Enable “Dynamic multicast optimization”.
  3. Configure “DMO channel utilization threshold”. As long as this threshold is not breached, multicast IP frames are transmitted over the air from the IAP to the clients using 802.11 unicast headers dynamically. Default is 90%.



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Would this be useful for optimizing Airplay streaming?

Yes; DMO in Instant will allow IAP to convert Multicast streams into Unicast streams over the wireless link which will enhance the quality of streaming video,relability and helps to preserver more available for non-video active clients on network.


Here are some of the major advantages.


1. Services (Airplay, AirPrint) on same VLAN as well as across VLANs can be filtered and this will avoid to keep all Bonjour Clients on one VLAN and all servers on another VLAN for service filtering to work.
2. Performs multicast to unicast conversion for mDNS query responses.
3. Location based service filtering configuration option from CPPM will help to access access to close printers for teachers and students.
4. End users being able to form personal groups (AirGroups) - Users share a printer or iTunes among them which will be very useful.


Thank you,



Has this setting (enabled) been found to reduce network and also reduce high radio utilization ?

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