What is the SNMP trap sent by IAP when Rogue AP is removed from the network.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Answer- This article applies to all IAP's and version.


Below is the output from IAP-105 running version

00:24:6c:c8:68:98# show ap monitor ap-list | include 18:64:72:02:0a:10

18:64:72:02:0a:10       testing       36      interfering     80211a        enable   752/56   67/0   wpa2-psk-aes  0      11        11         0      no

00:24:6c:c8:68:98# show snmp trap-queue | include 18:64:72:02:0a:10

2014-11-18 11:21:10 An AP (NAME 00:24:6c:c8:68:98 and MAC 00:24:6c:c8:68:98 on RADIO 1) that previously classified an access point (BSSID 18:64:72:02:0a:10 and SSID testing on CHANNEL 36) as rogue, no longer considers it rogue or it was removed from the network.

Below is the SNMP trap being sent to Airwave.

rtaImage (2).png



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