What is the maximum number of ACLs that can be put in a role in Aruba Instant?

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Aruba Employee

Product and software:This article applies to all Aruba Instant platforms and versions.

In Aruba Instant, a maximum of 32 ACLs per role can be put in a role.


Aruba IAP provides a built-in stateful firewall. A user is put into a role. A role consists of one or more ACLs that allow and deny traffic. ACLs can filter by four things:


  • source IP
  • destination IP
  • protocol number
  • destination port number

To create an ACL in a role in Aruba Instant, follow these steps:


1)  Navigate to PEF > Roles > New to make a new role.

 1516 image 1


2)  Create ACLs for the role. Click New on the right side and select respective allowed or denied traffic.

1516 image 2


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