What is the maximum number of DHCP scopes IAP supports?

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MVP Expert

What is the maximum number of internal DHCP scopes we can create on an IAP?


The Aruba Instant access points supports different modes of DHCP address assignment. 

We can create DHCP scopes on the IAP to facilitate the different modes of IP address assignment.

Aruba IAP supports the creating below scopes locally:

  • Distributed DHCP scope
  • Centralized DHCP scope
  • Local DHCP scope



We can create a maximum on 6 scopes on an Aruba IAP.

This could be a combination of 2 scopes in all the modes or all the 6 scopes in a single mode. 

If six scopes are created, the new button would grey out and will not let you to configure additional scope options.

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