What is the role of ‘client-aware’ feature under ARM? How do we configure it for an IAP using Aruba Central dashboard?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
This article explains:
  1. How the ‘Client-aware’ feature in ARM works
  2. How to configure ‘client-aware’ feature on Aruba Central dashboard.
Feature Notes  
An Aruba Access Point  performs the following functions –
  1. Services the associated wireless clients
  2. Scan the channels periodically to identify interference and depending upon the accumulated data, switch to a more optimal channel (channel with no or lesser interference).
Switching channels when there is an active client connected to the AP may disrupt the ongoing client traffic.

“Client-aware” feature in ARM prevents an AP to switch channels when there is an active client associated to it. When this feature is enabled, an AP will switch channel only under extreme circumstances like detecting radar or excessive noise/interference on current channel.

It is always advisable to have ‘client-aware’ under ARM turned on unless there is a strong reason to keep it disabled.
This article applies to all the IAPs running a minimum OS version of and managed through cloud based Aruba Central management system.



  1. Choose the group for which you want to enable this feature.


      2. Navigate to Configuration> RF
      3. Enable “client-aware” option as shown in the following figure


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