What to do when we have config mismatch issue with AMP and IAP?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment Information- This article applies to IAP running 4.1.1 and AMP running 8.0.5 above


Symptoms- Airwave doesn't automatically update the desired configuration of the IAP when changes are made on the IAP.  This is by design.  It is the behavior you want if you are managing the configuration on the your IAPs from Airwave. The profiles you're seeing were added to the desired configuration on the AMP at some point and will remain there until they are explicitly removed.


Cause- Mismatches occur when a device's actual configuration is different from AirWave's desired config. For each device, there's an Audit page that details what the mismatched settings are. Once again, having mismatches displayed is not an issue unless you are  managing the entire IAP config through Airwave. 

* VC config shows mismatch after upgrading the IAP firmware

 Check if the template is of older code. In this case it is pushed to the device.
The mismatch is due to difference in the firmware version on the template and on the device.

For instance AMP showed mismatch due to "inactivity timeout" feature enabled in IAP but its not updated in the template


Resolution- If you are not managing configuration you can do one of two things:
* Ignore the mismatches.  They really don't hurt anything in terms of monitoring.  They really have no significant effect on the operation of your AMP if all your devices are monitor only.

* Update the desired configuration from your devices.  On the audit  page for the IAP there will be an 'Import' button.  Importing will update the desired configuration from the device (with a few small limitations) and the mismatches should disappear.  You may also need to do an import settings on the device manage page.
Which you chose is up to you, but number 1 is less work if you make frequent changes to your device configurations.  Number 2 is handy if your configurations are fairly stable and you want to know when something changes on your devices.

In case you are managing the configuration through AMP
In AMP, we have to manually do the following to make mismatch disappear when want to set a command from none default value to default value (This is general instruction)
1.    Put the syntax ‘command + default value’ into template
2.    Push config.
3.    Remove the syntax ‘command + default value’ from template after push is done.

Related Links-https://arubanetworkskb.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/Troubleshooting/CONFIG-PUSH-ISSUES-on-AMP

Answer- There are still many such kind of commands in IAP which are not captured yet in Airwave. The kind of commands are that the command disappears in running config when configure the command to default value.

AMP can support these kind commands without any issue  as long as ‘no’ commands are defined in CLI syntax file.

In our example:-
Edited the template, added the “inactivity timeout 1000” on default-wired-profile and it resolved the mismatch.
This command was added in 4.1

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