When PPPoE link is down for an IAP, the SSID doesn't show up.


Generally we might run into requirements to use PPPoE as an uplink for the IAP devices.

In such scenario, we can face an issue where SSID doesn't show up anymore , if the PPPoe link goes down.


As a test case: 
1) Configure an ssid and when pppoe is UP, client can associate to it with no issues. 
2) Stop the pppoe service in the server and reload the IAP.
3) IAP comes up, but PPP registration will fail as server is down. 
4) Now if we check the "show ap bss-table", it wont display the ssid configured.


In such cases, we will have to enable a knob in the ssid profile to get this working.
SSID will be available only after IAP gets an IP, and in this situation, since uplink is not considered fine by IAP, it ends up marking it as "NOT OK"

To fix this, we would need to enable "work-without-uplink" (disabled by default)

IAP (config) # wlan ssid-profile test
IAP (SSID Profile "test") # work-without-uplink
IAP (SSID Profile "test") # end
IAP # comm app
committing configuration...
configuration committed.

IAP # show network test | include uplink
Work without usable uplink  :Enabled

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